The only way to kick off the column, especially in her honour, and 34 never looked so good. Such a fantastic patented Paltrow comeback to wipe away the Isotoners, and bring us back to basis - the basics of Gwyneth style, not for everyone, yes I know. Not for the conservative, not for the boring Anistons, not for slutty Simpsons, but for those who can definitely push that line, for Gwyneth, for my best friend, this is pure, unadulterated Gwyneth gorgessity, and a terrific set of milk breasts too. Here she is leaving Zuma in London and again backstage at the Jay Z show – she and Chris are huge fans. You will note the blue/black mixing… like the white after Labour Day thing, I’m guessing it’s no longer a crime, as most of us remember, to look like a bruise. You see? My girl always goes first. And no – I’m not done gushing. Happy Birthday Gwyneth. Welcome back. Photo source