Why worship my Gwynnie? Because Gwyneth is The Other Girl. Not the one who gives up everything for love, not the one who doesn’t run the relationship, not the one who gets stepped over…never Gwyneth. Gwyneth is always the girl who is loved MORE. Gwyneth is the girl THEY have to get over. Gwyneth is the Gold Standard. For Brad Pitt, it took him 7 years of boredom with a narcissistic Nose before finding his Forever in Angelina Jolie. Ben Affleck screwed things up with his knucklehead antics and widely acknowledged his immense regret, then Ben got under Bennifer, and finally conquered with Jennifer Garner. Same goes for Luke Wilson. Has he ever been right since? Has he even looked right since? As for my Gwynnie – settled in beautifully with her babies and Chris Martin, who has vowed never again to sing Green Eyes because my Gwynnie’s eyes are blue. See? The Gwyneth Effect. OK I’m ready now….send in your hate.