Call me biased all you want, but if the authority on all things fashion is a Gay Man, my Gwyneth rocked it hardcore at the Oscars in spectacular style, because every gay man I’ve consulted on the matter, from here to Australia, enthusiastically flapped and fanned his approval. And we all know Gwyneth is exactly the kind of girl who only dresses for girls and gays and NOT People Magazine for the MiniVan Majority. Did you see her walk across the stage? The patented Paltrow saunter/strut? Only the most privileged and condescending can work that kind of gait. And yes, I’m now ready for your hate. Gwyneth being Gwyneth, no doubt many of you will disagree. So let’s hear it - arguments for and against. I’ll post a few of your comments, don’t be shy…there could be something sparkly in it for you.