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Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of the new British GQ,like Miley Cyrus, draped in a sheet. Except my Gwynnie’s not a minor.

As you can see… Gwyneth looks gorgeous, continuing along the same short skirt sexpot theme she’s been working during promotion for Iron Man.

In the article, Gwynnie claims she’s not a snotty bitch ice princess everyone believes her to be: "People think I"m aloof, or old, or that I breathe rarefied air—that"s not me."

Of course the next thing that comes out of her mouth is this:
“People came over to watch me in the film Emma and I was like: Oh. My. God. I"m the worst actress ever. The next day, I was filming Shakespeare In Love entrenched in the idea I was unwatchably bad."

My girl does not do humility very well.

She does love to brag though. In her signature, subtle way. Turns out SHE was the one who hooked up Madonna with the trainer she works out with now – the woman pictured when them attached. Gwyneth revealed this during an interview with BBC. She also talks about her shoes.

Click here for the clip. Listen closely for her British accent – are you joking me??? A guaranteed eye-roller. Promise.

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