I love these pictures.


But...how can you not love friends? Girlfriends!

I had several friends in the audience on Sunday for my TED Talk. And several more online who’d been waiting the entire day (I was the final speaker) and texting me and calling me and encouraging me and assuring me I wasn’t sh-t.

Does Gwyneth Paltrow do the same for Cameron Diaz?

Does she tell her that Jessica Biel may have the ring and the wedding but she also had Olivia Munn too?

Here they are, G and Cammie, arm in arm after sushi dinner in Brentwood with Chris Martin. You’ll note they’re wearing almost exactly the same thing too -- grey on top and chains looped around the neck and jeans and fresh(ish) faces, and ...

Friends, right? Friends!

Anyway, here’s a Chinese friend feng shui tip --

Don’t buy them shoes.

Don’t buy anyone shoes. Not your husband, not your wife.

It’s bad luck, and considered extremely rude. One lady gifted me at my wedding with a porcelain ballet shoe - random, I know - and my ma hasn’t spoken to her since.

So if you’re interested in the latest GOOP collaboration, buy it for yourself. The gold brogues are gorgeous. And yes, they’re $750 because they’re handmade Esquivel. I mean, it’s not like she’s been partnering with Payless. What is the point of bitching when she recommends expensive items? I’m stopping with this now, because, really, for the ones who complain, I’m not sure what else they expect. Like I said last week, you don’t need G to tell you what to buy at Costco. (The big jar of sauerkraut is the best.)