Gwyneth Paltrow and her best friend Cameron Diaz shot a low quality video in a dressing room for Chelsea Handler. No, I’m not into Chelsea Handler. But I can’t sh-t on this. It’s funny! It’s girls hanging out being girls! It might be the only thing we have in common with G and Cammie D - that when they’re together, they do stupid, silly sh-t and it’s fun. Sorry...? I guess it’s too much effort to find something to hate about something that looks like such a good time.

Anyway, here are some shots of Gwyneth at her New York 40th birthday party the other night with all her famous friends including, of course, Cam, Chelsea, Christy Turlington, Steven Spielberg, Ethan Hawke, and... the Beysus.

Did you miss the time Beysus shouted out G on stage at the Barclays? Click here for a refresher. I feel like that’s the perfect gloat to save for the holidays. G will take her time, savour that one, before unloading it in our faces. Soon.