It turns out my Gwyneth did not spend NYE with her bff Beyonce because, well, B was off making millions in Vegas, invited to perform at a secret concert sponsored by the Wynn -- and if Kanye West’s girlfriend was paid $300K to simply appear at a party, can you imagine the price tag Bey would have negotiated to make her moves on stage? And still, even though she wasn’t in New York, still she was all over that ball drop...

The Pepsi ad, did you see it? On every channel broadcasting from Times Square, as millions were counting down to midnight, there’s Beysus, presiding over the occasion on a massive flashing billboard. B posted a few of her Vegas photos on her Tumblr, along with a New Year message (pet peeve: when people wish you a “Happy New Years” -- when did it become plural?!?), and some shots of her wearing a pair of leather, elastic waistband pants which I Must.Buy.Immediately.

Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn, Gwyneth was dancing side-stage at the Jay-Z/Coldplay show where Chris had his kids brought out to be close to him. He gave them, and their friend Sophia, a big shout out, called himself “the proudest daddy on earth”, and publicly declared that “they have the best mother in the world”.

Well sh-t. First he kisses her in concert (click here for a refresher), and now this? For Chris Martin, who can’t stand to be photographed walking down the street with his wife, it’s the PDA equivalent of a sex tape.

Start at the 50 second mark:

And then here, watch as Gwyneth brings her kids on stage to dance with their dad while she stays off to the side. I think that might be her ma, their grandmother, Blythe Danner tucked away in back there...? Moses and Uncle Jay are apparently really tight. I like how he flipped his hood up. And I want a puffy coat with leather panels now.

So 2012 was good to the Martins. And 2013 looks very promising too. Lots of G on the way: a new cookbook, a new movie, and both at the same time.