For Country Strong. Have you seen it?

Where to begin? Garrett? Sure. We’ll begin where it’s strongest. Garrett Hedlund looks like he delivers. He has it, I think. He really really has it.

As for my Gwyneth...

Look, I think Gwyneth is a strong actor in the right role. She’s talented enough that sometimes it doesn’t even have to be the rightest role – Two Lovers is a good example of that and I thought she did a solid job.

But this...

It’s too far apart.

In these two minutes this is utterly unbelievable. I don’t buy it. At all. I don’t buy the voice, and this isn’t even about the accent but the VOICE, Gwyneth’s voice, how it sounds, how it’s flat, the tone of it, Gwyneth’s voice is all NOT Nashville. And her look is So.Very.Not Nashville. I don’t know Nashville and even I know she’s not Nashville. The highlights are not Nashville, her skin doesn’t look Nashville, even the way she wears a plaid shirt – hipster, maybe, but not Nashville. There’s a shot of her looking down at Leighton Meester from a balcony and it’s like she could be in Gossip Girl!

And while we’re at it, who’s going to believe that Gwyneth Paltrow miss special would actually be threatened by Leighton anyway? Seems like this is a significant plotline. Which is a huge problem.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the way they cut it. But right now, it’s a mess.

Having said that, I think she can sing. I think she sounds good.

Now watch and start hating on her.