What’s the ultimate satisfaction for those who love to hate Gwyneth Paltrow? It’s not hating her. It’s FEELING SORRY for her. It’s being embarrassed for her. You’ve had many opportunities lately. Glee is giving you more.

Have you seen the new video?

I saw half of it on Friday and couldn’t take much more. I had to save the second half for this morning. It’s excruciating. SHE’s excruciating. Both in what she’s doing and in what she can’t seem to SEE that she’s doing to herself. I feel sick for her when I see her, strutting around in those leather pants, scrunching up her nose like she’s ass tough and ready to go.


And oh my God her dancing, her dancing is the sh-ts. And the singing, the singing is the sh-ts too. Last time G did Glee, I said I liked it. I said she wasn’t the worst. Even Duana didn’t mind it. And Duana minds almost everything Gwyneth Paltrow.

But this is what happens when you get greedy and go for more.

Speaking of…

She’s apparently close to signing a record deal. Country Music. With Atlantic Records or something. Because she knows she’d get destroyed on the pop side by Beyonce and Gaga etc etc etc…so she thinks Country is something she can conquer? Oh Country. If I were you, I’d be straight up insulted.

Who she thinks she is, stepping in on your ground, like she could be an asset?

And WHY???

She was Gwyneth Paltrow. She never had to Try. Now it’s TRY TRY TRY all the f-cking time.

Look at her. En route back to London the other day, in the most amazing coat, one of the few who can wear her jeans like that and not look awkward, and still every day, trying, trying, trying…

I feel sorry for Gwyneth. I am embarrassed for Gwyneth. She must know this is so much worse than hate.

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