Can’t decide if I like the way they’re lighting her skin on the cover of InStyle UK. Is it the disconnect in the styling? The coat is pretty and pink and elegant, almost demure. And she’s wearing it as though she were on the beach. Which, if she was actually on the beach, would be fine, but seeing as it’s taken in studio, I’m not sure it’s hitting the right tone. I’m also not sure this is an entirely original interview. Everyone’s talking about what she said when asked whether or not there are challenges in her marriage:

"Probably our artistic temperaments together. Artists are sensitive; there are ups and downs, mood-wise. Musicians need a certain gravitas and focus in order to write."

But...didn’t we talk about this already? In September? When she covered US InStyle? Click here for a refresher from when I actually wrote about it. Publications trade off on quotes all the time, sure. But that was only two months ago. So either Gwyneth is SO newsworthy that whatever she says gets repeat coverage or American InStyle must be pissed that somehow they generated less publicity. Or we just have short memories.

Yesterday was G’s 9th wedding anniversary. She and Chris apparently celebrated in advance as she was in Dubai for Hugo Boss. Here she is at an in-store appearance looking pretty tired from the travel and the time difference. It really takes a toll on your skin. I can see it on mine. This is why I’m so evangelical about the cold gel laser (click here for my previous post on it). Last week I went in for the first time since August. Lorinda was not happy with my pores. I’m telling you, one session later and the bounce is back on my face. When I came in to Toronto and saw Sasha at work, I didn’t even have to tell her, she already knew. “You bitch, you went to see Lorinda, didn’t you?” And with the cold gel, the effect reveals itself over time. Like it’ll be even better in 2 weeks.

So WHYYYY do people still bother with the invasive treatments? I don’t understand.

PS. G took a nap and changed for an evening event in Dubai and you can tell the difference. Click here to see.