Thursday night in NYC, my Gwynnie hosted an auction to benefit the American Cancer Society and she looked ravishing. Red lips, red laces, super short skirt, long toned leg, stuck up per usual – love, love, love. And yes… OF COURSE she talked about being a mother and about going back to work and about how going back to work will make her more interesting as a mother. OF COURSE you want to Rossum because she’s so consistently nauseating and superior. But as I’ve said all along, I don’t need Gwyneth Paltrow to pretend that she would, like, totally be my best friend while frying her tits in the Malibu sun. What makes Gwyneth Gwyneth is that she’d never want to be my best friend. And she won’t hesitate to make sure I know that either. From one bitch to another, what’s not to love? Source