Well hello Moses. Hello very cute, very chubby Moses! See Moses and his mum leaving Spielberg’s house the other day. Yes. THAT Spielberg. Because that’s my Gwyneth, you know? She takes a princess to the Oscars and visits with her godfather Steven Spielberg, whom she affectionately calls Uncle Morty, and she extols the virtues of motherhood while standing beside her nanny. Sigh. Gwyneth forever. And Apple forever too! Almost three and already the perfect Paltrow snotty-face in formation. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it? As for family plans these days – she’ll remain in LA for the next little while shooting Iron Man, my sources say the set will move on location by late Spring, waiting for confirmation as to where exactly, and following completion she and the babes will return to London to spend the summer back home. And where’s Chris? Word is he’s in “arty” mode. Best to stay away while the “genius” works. Entire family is Rossum, don’t you think? Source and Source