Today’s GOOP newsletter is about the importance of sleep and what happens when you don’t get enough of it. Well f-ck, no kidding. G asked her doctor to give us some tips to help us get to sleep, assuming of course that everyone out there has time for sleep. Sleep is a luxury for those who hustle. I’m sure everyone out there would sleep a lot more if they could afford to. But Gwyneth Paltrow has a full life, and sleep has been a challenge, what with looking after her kids, and working out two hours a day, and cooking in her gourmet kitchen every night, still somehow Gwyneth Paltrow finds time to sleep. And she uses a “dawn siimulation device”. What?

Apparently alarm clocks are bad for you. You should NOT be waking up via alarm. Instead, you should be using a “dawn simulation device” because it’s “much more effective at establishing a healthy sleep cycle and gently rousing you from sleep”. Sounds like some kind of Avatar rooster. Is this what we’re doing now? Inventing Avatar roosters because alarm clocks are too harsh? When did we get so delicate?

Click here to read the entire Sleep GOOP. There’s also some information at the bottom about linens. Never met a woman who wasn’t into linens. What is it about us and linens? Even I like linens.

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