GOOPy workout and her Friends

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 18, 2010 15:47:42 February 18, 2010 15:47:42

GOOP is still tight with Tracy Anderson. Or... GOOP has money in Tracy Anderson’s Method and needs to protect her investment. Whatever the reason, today’s newsletter is about fitness and, specifically, Anderson’s fitness system. Note however they way Gwyneth words her introduction:

“Many of you may already know of my passion for the Tracy Anderson Method and my investment in it...”
Can be interpreted in many ways.

So Tracy is magic for bodies. She transforms them. She can transform yours. There’s a video for your arms here. And there are also several celebrity testimonials. And this is where it gets even more interesting.

The first testimonial comes from Courteney Cox, best friend of Jennifer Aniston who was recently spotted holding hands with Gwyneth at that hotel opening in Morocco last fall. There’s another connection in here too. Courteney and Jennifer are tight with Sheryl Crow. G sang back up for Sheryl Crow on one of her albums. It’s a web of girls. And GOOP is passing around her trainer. Tracy lost Madonna and gained the Friends. Oh my G you crafty bitch.

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