The new GOOP is – yay! – not about food but rather boots. Gwyneth footwear! It’s because she says she’s freezing her ass off in Chicago shooting Contagion. I like the Celtic Sheepskin Company ones. But the Jimmy Choo UGGs are the tackiest sh-ts ever and I will break up with you if you buy them.

My G also spotlights her Burberrys which I wrote about last week – click here for a refresher – and offers the poor people a less expensive option from Topshop.

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As for Gwyneth on the set of Contagion in very cold Chicago, it’s simple classic UGGs and pyjamas. This photo was taken last week. G is working of course with her old friend Matt Damon on the film. They were together in The Talented Mr Ripley and, obviously, when she was dating Ben Affleck. Matt is very fond of Gwyneth. He shows up when she hosts SNL. He was always gushing about how she schooled him on the Ripley set as they competed over better scenes. Now they probably talk about their babies.

These relationships, they always fascinate me. That he’s tight with Brad and Ben, both her exes, and her still, and I don’t know, is it awkward when Ben texts when they’re mid-conversation? And if Matt had a birthday party, could they all co-exist? Maybe I’m too nosy. My original point was to get it up your ass that Matt Damon, one of Hollywood’s most popular, is a real friend of Gwyneth.

Oh and before this ends, just because I know you’d prefer to conclude on a low Paltrow note as you hate her so much – did you know that the superior Ms P is now being associated with Arby’s?

ARBY’s + Gwyneth Paltrow!!!

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