The new issue of GOOP is essentially an advertisement for J Crew. She picks her favourite items. She poses in her favourite items. She looks amazing in their clothes. Admit it, if there was anyone made for J Crew, it would be Gwyneth Paltrow. Click here for your weekly hate read. It’s back!

As you know, my G was in Toronto for TIFF for maybe 8 hours. She flew in from LA after Stand Up To Cancer and then left right after the screening for London. It’s too bad. I was hoping that we’d get a GOOP Toronto edition some time soon.  I’m from Toronto originally. Toronto is a city of know-it-all foodies. Everyone knows everything in Toronto. You can’t tell anyone anything they don’t know in Toronto. Wouldn’t it have been amazing then if the ultimate celebrity know-it-all came to the home of know-it-alls to tell them what they didn’t know? Alas it was not to be.

Before TIFF I asked my friend Sara from The Travel Presse to list the places in Toronto she predicted GOOP would profile. Since GOOP will likely not be making any Toronto recommendations, here’s what she missed out on.

Top 5 (plus a few honourable mentions) places Gwyneth Paltrow should eat at before she leaves Toronto
-Sara Graham,

1.Already popular with tv personalities, producers and PR types, Harbord Room is all of 35-seats in an unpretentiously sophisticated atmosphere. Plus there’s super hot (like manly movie star hot) chef Corey Vitiello who has been consistently lauded for his creativity by the dailies (and on Conde Nast’s Hot List, 2009). Although the Room offers one of the best burgers in the city, I’m thinking Gwyneth would be into the Roasted Beets & Seasonal Vegetables, followed by a Pan Roasted Sea Bream. A late-night menu pulls other chefs that GP can rub shoulders with.

2.Another place with an upscale pub vibe is The Oxley Public House in Yorkville. She’s all about the subtle one-upmanship so she can talk about how she “feels so at home” and let all her British-ness loose. Would have loved to know how she feels about the Brick Chicken with Tomatoes & Urchfont Mustard.

3.Close in name, but a little further afield, is The Foxley on Ossington Avenue. Intimate, sweet patio, and some of the best fusion this side of Asia. Lots of gluten-free options on the menu. Plates are meant to be shared, but GP might have a problem doing so with the blue crab stuffed inside a half of an avocado – so good! The ceviche has got to be the tastiest in town. The New York Times agrees with me.

4.Out of the Holy Trinity of taco joints – La Carnita, Grand Electric and Playa Cabana – I’d bet on the latter (even though LC has the best atmosphere). At Playa it’s got to be late night, low-key, sitting at the bar styles though…when the last dinner guests have to do shots of Tequila with the staff (I think she has it in her). This place has the “healthy Mexican” thing locked down with gluten-free tortillas and made-to-order guac. The grilled octopus taco and crab cakes are what I’d tell her to order. Buddy Jake G checked out this place while filming here over the summer.

5.Since we well know she loves to flaunt her flare for Italian, I’m thinking either Enoteca Sociale or Campagnolo. The latter is one of Canada’s best new restaurants (En Route,2011). Plenty of buzz and repeat customers – like my foodie friend Ivy – who lose it over the Burrata with Roasted Grapes and Roasted Bone Marrow. Apparently Chef Craig Harding learned everything he knows from his nonna and it shows.

Enoteca has the requisite “real Italian wine bar” going for it with a small casual candle-lit scene. A growing rep for their Pasta Fatta In Casa (everything from spaghetti to gnocchi is homemade) and extra extensive wine list. Super friendly staff could handle Gwyneth showing up late as the kitchen closes at 11 (ish).


URSA. This place also made the NYT 36 Hours in Toronto guide. And it’s got everything a GP looks for: an exec chef with considerable pedigree; hyper-local healthy food (vacuum packed to retain nutrients!); served artistically, but not so precious as to leave one disappointed. Probiotic yogurts, tofu and butter are made in-house.