It was confirmed a few days before the MET Gala that Gwyneth Paltrow would not be attending. She had a sh-tty time last year and she’s had a sh-tty personal time lately and, also, the GOOP pop-up shoppe is happening at the Brentwood Country Mart this week.

The Brentwood Country Mart is also where she was papped with her kids last week. And her website used that pap photo to sell clothing items on her site. Click here for a refresher. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Here she is heading into the opening party yesterday.

As for whether or not she was avoiding the MET Gala because of Alexa Chung…

Um, have you seen what Alexa Chung was wearing that night?

Classic Manic Pixie Dream Girl…London styles. I’ll put on a dress inspired by a prom tux from the 80s and call it ironic. OMG, I just realised… she’s perfect for Johnny Depp. Why hasn’t he fallen in love with her yet?