My favourite GOOPs are the ones that, like Beyonce’s Tumblr, give some insight into Gwyneth Paltrow’s day-to-day life.

Is that her dog? Daffodil?

Please I want that braid that she says she’s practising for Apple’s hair. PS. For someone who needs privacy so much, she never hesitates to mention her kids. It’s just her husband who’s considered private.

G claims to be obsessed with Homeland. Remember that great line in the cold open on Saturday Night Live about white people loving Homeland? This + Gwyneth cracked me up.

The thing about G and food is that I don’t care for when she writes about the cooking of it, and all those recipes, but I would desperately do anything to have the opportunity to be invited to eat it.

Do you really believe she had crepes for breakfast? And how many days before a Hugo Boss shoot?

All this and so much more in her the latest newsletter, a scrapbook of things that “made me happy” this week. Click here to see. And click here for her holiday gift guide. Admit it. You want a gift from GOOP herself. She’s a great gift-giver. Or her editors are making her look like a great gift-giver. Still, I believe that G loves the monogram. Me too! A monogrammed “E” housecoat is what I’ve asked for from Jacek for Christmas. Not a robe, but a proper housecoat with suede lapels and silk lined on the inside. Along with an electronic cigarette with blueberry and chocolate (not together) flavoured vapour. But look at that custom wrapping paper!

One shoulder exercise tops don’t work for people with bigger breasts.

Here’s G arriving at Heathrow today from LA. And perhaps just in time. Chris Martin was photographed at the pharmacy yesterday.