The new issue of GOOP is all about G’s family trip to Indonesia. I didn’t read it. I just looked at the pictures. And there are a few of them with her kids. They’re small shots so you don’t really get a clear shot of their faces, but they’re there, jumping off the boat, eating fish, hiking, all blonde and blue-eyed surrounded (and served) by the non-blonde and the non-blue-eyed. Right then. Chris Martin is not pictured but, like I’ve been saying, when you start pushing a lifestyle brand, at some point the compromise is the privacy. Apple and Moses may only be selectively included, but they’re being included all the same.

Also new to GOOP – a collaboration with Sarah Chloe that’s surprisingly kind of affordable. Monogrammed jewellery! You know I love a monogram, especially on my pyjamas. The pinky ring? I will pass. But I did not pass on the bangle. Bought two, one for me and one for a friend. Maria messaged me last night to tell she did the same. I think we may have been buying at the same time. The key to the monogram is always subtle. This bangle is slim and delicate, elegant, and the monogram doesn’t shout. And that decidedly un-Paltrow price point is almost shocking.

Click here for Indo GOOP and here for the monogram.