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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 24, 2009 09:48:08 December 24, 2009 09:48:08

Today’s GOOP is all about Jesus. More profundity from the Paltrow. Aiya, quit with the spirituality and give us some good shallow bullsh-t.

Curiously enough, Gwyneth is ending 2009 the same way she ended 2008. Back then her marriage was also under scrutiny as she was spotted in Miami in November ’08 partying at the Fontainebleau amid rumours she’d hooked up with some billionaire, tired of being left behind while Chris Martin toured with Coldplay.

By New Year however, it was reported that the two were willing to give it another go. And 2009 began in grand fashion for my G as she was given the honour of presenting Radiohead at the Grammy Awards, the best performance of the night, seen on the arm of Mr Valentino at screenings for his impossibly amazing doc The Last Emperor, and then it was LA for a few months for Iron Man 2.

But by mid year the bad press started mounting with word that since everybody hates her, they chose Scarjo for Iron Man publicity over her and through the house renovation stress and whatever drama went down between Madonna and their trainer Tracy Anderson who appears not to be in their lives anymore, the big bomb dropped…

Chris allegedly cheating with that sorry ass Kate Bosworth.

He denied, said he’d sue Star Magazine, so far no lawsuit.


It’s an annual cycle.

By January things it’ll be all better. Gwyneth is working a lot in 2010. A film to kick off, then promotion for Iron Man 2. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course she’ll be invited on the press tour. If for no other reason than her wardrobe. Do you remember how much attention was paid to her gladiator heels two years ago? Please. Scarlett Johansson can’t dress like the GP. Trust.

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