I wanted to write about this last week. And then for some reason they pulled down the video. It’s now back up. But first... last week’s GOOP was about food blogs. My friend Fiona is all over food blogs. And GOOP actually pimps out one of Fiona’s favourites Orangette. Food blogs, gossip blogs, it’s like we’re one step closer.

Click here to read her suggestions. This week will be her 100th issue. Please make it something good. Please don’t let it be a book about calm waters or baby food. But whatever, this is not relevant right now, especially not when we need to talk about her video.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s music video for Country Strong was released today but really last week. So much amazingness.

Like her clothes. She’s wearing the craziest designer clothes, and looks really crazy great, only, again, it just doesn’t seem the like the character. Singing in badass leather zipper cargo pants, playing guitar in a gorgeous asymmetrical dress, I’ve tried to screen cap it as much as I can but you really do have to watch to get the full flavour. Is this saying Nashville to you?

I mean I love it, and I love her, and her makeup, she’s so beautiful, and chic, and polished, and that’s what it is, isn’t it? “Kelly Cantor” in Country Strong is supposed to be a suffering survivor. I don’t know if I buy that about my G even though, and I will fight you on this, I really do think she can sing.

More importantly though...

Motherf-cking quiver of the hotness oh my god he’s mine step off Garrett Hedlund in bed please baby more.

Complete sentences are impossible. He’s perfect.