I love it when my girl speaks…she’s always good for some snotty classics, non? As opposed to others who go on Oprah and end up saying absolutely nothing, other than life is beautiful, things are great, really, really, really great, and when it rains, things get wet but when the sun is shining, it is very nice outside...no gossips, Gwyneth doesn’t do bland. Gwyneth does haughty, and condescending, and elitist, and she relishes every opportunity to throw her superiority in our faces. Which is why it’s so amusing now that she’s trying to clarify her latest assy mouth incident. It all started when some Portuguese newspaper reported that she said British people are “much more intelligent and civilised” than Americans, that she’d rather have dinner with Brits because they talk about interesting things and don’t focus the discussion on work and money. Hee. Naturally, as is the norm whenever Gwyneth decides to let out her snotty bitch, the story got picked up everywhere resulting in a nasty backlash, compelling her to run to People – always the celebrity mouthpiece – to clear up the issue. She says she never spoke to the Portuguese publication. She says she was at a press conference in Spain for that wine she’s been hawking, and she was answering questions in Spanish and tried to say that: “Europe is a much older culture and there"s a difference. I always say in America, people live to work and in Europe, people work to live. There are positives in both.” Unfortunately, she claims her Spanish got mangled and the wrong thing ended up coming out. In typical Gwyneth fashion though, she also had to remind everyone at the same time that being a “New York girl”, she would never disparage her home country, especially her beloved late father was always proud to be American. Hmmm… Wonder if Estee Lauder had anything to do with the sudden need to ingratiate herself to her public. Something tells me my best friend would never backpedal unless she was threatened with a breach of contract. Bet you she’s gagging right now at the indignity of having to defend herself. And bet you Stephen Huvane will have her on the cover of Good Housekeeping before you know it, baking an Apple pie while she rolls her eyes in between takes. Don’t tell me you can’t picture it. Source