What’s this about? Well, an email today from Sofia M.J. summed it all up: “Why do you insist on heaping so much love on Gwyneth, especially after that ridiciculous show of affectation in the Golden Globes where she pronounced Mr. Hopkin"s name as Antony. For such a high-class wannabe, doesn"t she realize how pretentious and tacky she comes off when she rejects her American roots?” And Sofia was clearly not the only one who felt that way. Now I’ll concede that my girl is pretentious and affected. I don’t think I’ve ever stated otherwise. I’ll concede that she’s stuck up. I’ll even concede that she is at times absolutely nauseating. But on this issue, I"m standing by my Gwynnie. Because she pronounced his name the way HE PREFERS IT TO BE PRONOUNCED. She worked with him, she knows him, he HANDPICKED her to present his award to him at the Globes...so wouldn’t you say she has a pretty good idea about how to announce his name properly??? Do you really think she got up there and deliberately, to his face, in front of millions of people, decided to omit the “h” just because she has a yoga mat rammed up her ass? Remember, people. This is an uppercrust snob. And in her world of proper place settings and thank you notes and how to perform a perfect curtsey, there is no way Gwyneth Paltrow would have made the insulting and very amateur mistake of mispronouncing an award winner’s name…over and over and over again. On a final note, because it’s always about me, I’d like to point out a certain pronunciation issue I have with my own name. My proper full name is Elaine. I like it pronounced “Ell” – “aine”. Like Ellen. But with an “aine” at the end. It drives me nuts when people say “Eeeee”-laine. It is NOT “Eeee”-laine. It is “Ell-aine.” And in the case of SIR Hopkins, it is Tony. AnThony – with a hard "t" and a silent “h” – Hopkins. Get it???