Oh how I"ve missed her! Two months after the arrival of Moses, my favourite is back in the UK, looking fastastic and yoga-ish, probably on some snooty macrobiotic diet, likely reminding people every day how much better she is than the rest of us. This is why I love Gwyneth. She is a privileged girl. She has always been a privileged girl. And she will never, ever waste her time trying to convince you that she could so totally be your best friend, because she never would be your best friend. Much better to leave that kind of hypocritical people-pleasing to the likes of The Chin and The Horse Face Witch Boil. Anyway, here she is leaving a workout the other day and also at the Isle of Wight festival watching Coldplay perform. As you can see, she hasn"t starved herself down to Brooke Shields" proportions quite yet, which is kind of refreshing, actually - that she"s taking her time and not madly melting the weight off with some insane starvation plan that will make people hate her more than they do already. No, no, gossips… anorexia is much too common for my frosty Gwynnie, someone who relishes every opportunity to lord her superiority over people. My Gwynnie would never pass up a chance to remind everyone that she doesn"t have to resort to giving up food to get her body back. THAT is why I worship Gwyneth Paltrow. Photos from JustJared