My best friend never ceases to irritate people. She is criticized for being anti-American, she is criticized for being snotty, she is criticized for being too much of an anglophile, she is criticized for growing her hair too long, etc etc etc. People love to bitch about Gwyneth. Which is why I love to love Gwyneth. Because she honestly doesn’t give a sh*t what you think of her. Still… no matter what your personal Paltrow preference might be, how can you deny the staggering cuteness of her child? Even I – the most notorious antibaby bitch of my crowd – can’t help but feel a half second yearning when I look at this face and those pudgy fingers. What’s that you say? Oh, yes. Gwyneth Paltrow, with that condescending pickle up her ass, will definitely ruin her kid right? hmmm…perhaps. But considering that Apple’s best friends will most likely be Rocco and Zahara and Maddox and Romeo, don’t you think she’ll fit right in?