Here"s my best friend dressed in black, still trying to camouflage her 2nd pregnancy bump, and wearing her patented "I"m too good for you" look she"s perfected over the years. She was at Sundance to promote the short little feature she directed for Glamour, a joint project with her real life best friend Mary Wigmore, a woman I despise for no other reason than the fact that she is graced by my Gwynnie"s presence all the time, while I only dream about it in my delusional mind. But I digress. As of press time, rumours of a Paltrow/Aniston hook up during the festival turned out to be - surprise, surprise - complete rubbish. Didn"t you know?? My girl is much too important to meet with just any tv actress trying to win an Oscar. I mean, for the love of Jolie, she already had to endure hobnobbing with small screen peons at the Globes last week. How much more time do you expect her to spend with the masses??? As for whether or not she really plans to name the kid Capone (complete bullsh*t if you ask me), I"ll try to find out an answer for you on Thursday night at the Coldplay concert in Vancouver. If she"s in the building, I will know it. I will feel it. And I will search her out. You have my word.