Estee Lauder must be thrilled! Between the cost of pampers and staying platinum blonde she must be hurting. She is the most annoying, irritating person EVER. Who could possibly be a fan of hers??? Oh wait....I forgot… Dear Cyndee: In case you hadn"t heard, Gwyneth is a celebrity. And it is my pleasure to provide you an introductory lesson in Celebrity 101 by telling you that they are all moneywhores. Everything that they do is for money. From making bad movies to producing bad movies to clubbing and being seen and selling magazines and signing book deals and you name it, they do it. When they can"t do it here, they take it overseas. Leo, Brad, Ben, Aniston - they all have lucrative car, shampoo, beer, and denim contracts in Germany and Japan, worth tens of millions of dollars each. You don’t see them in North America but they"re there. Because they are all money hungry and they are all full of sh*t. In other words, your point about Gwyneth needing money is about as profound and groundbreaking as a7 year old telling his mother that smoking is bad for you. I have never disputed Gwyneth"s annoying affectations and her tendency to irritate the masses. She is, afterall, an easy target. True Hollywood royalty. Her father was an Emmy winning producer of a show called St Elsewhere - the ER of its time. Her mother is an Emmy and Tony winning actress, one of the most renowned stage performers in the business. Her godfather is Steven Spielberg, she has her own Golden Globe, SAG, and Oscar. She has dated 2 of the Sexiest Men Alive for whom she became the gold standard in their subsequent dating experiences, and she is currently married to the lead singer of one of the biggest bands to emerge in the last 10 years. Irritating? Sure. Condescending? Of course! But the beauty of Gwyneth is that she doesn"t really give a damn what you think. Hers is a wide open, out loud "F*ck You, Go Away". And in that respect, she is much, much, much more preferable than the cloying, obsequious little "I"m the girl next door" actresses who really want to say F&ck You, Go Away, but who don’t have the balls to do it behind their gated Hollywood mansions.