Madonna played Wembley last night and attracted a rather famous list of ladies to her show including her bestie and mine Gwyneth Paltrow who was seated next to Kate Hudson who happened to be seated next to the divine Marion Cotillard who was just two spots over from Penelope Cruz. On Gwyneth’s other side was a friend she’s taken to the Oscars before – a member of some European royal family. Of course.

Fergie was sitting close by too, and at one point I’m told Kate hopped over to greet her briefly, appearing to make plans for later, before returning to Gwynnie with whom she spent much of the time giggling and gossiping – much like we would before a Madonna concert.

My Gwyneth is not popular among you. You think she’s a f&cking bitch. And I love her for being a f&cking bitch.

But Gwyneth is a girl’s girl. Gwyneth has always been a girl’s girl. How bad can she possibly be?

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