Gwyneth’s Oscar Date I know you love to hate her. Now you can hate her even more. So you know my best friend’s Red Carpet Policy, right? She refuses to walk it with Chris, she refuses to put her relationship on display, she refuses even to say his name sometimes, using only “my husband” if she has to or “her Daddy” or “his Daddy” when speaking about him in relation to the children. Very Gwyneth, very nauseating, very much why I adore her. Oscar night – Gwyneth’s date. She doesn’t take her agent or her publicist or her brother …instead she shows up with Princess Rosario. No seriously… PRINCESS Rosario. Of Bulgaria. Married to a Prince of Bulgaria whose father used to the King before Bulgaria became a republic. She and G are apparently “housewives” together in London, they summer with Valentino on his yacht, and of course she was the perfect date for Gwyneth Paltrow on Sunday night because, really, only rich royalty is good enough for my GP. And to answer your question about whether or not I met her and if so, what that was like - No I didn’t meet her. But I was close enough to her when she was on the Ellen Podium directly beneath our balcony so that we were almost in vertical alignment – the highlight of my life. Observations about Gwyneth: she is tall. And she walks with the slow, privileged gate of a person who has never heard the word “no” in her entire life. She’s also apparently very well liked. Many people purposefully made their way over to stay hello and inside the Vanity Fair party, it was more of the same, holding court among the glitterati, like that girl in high school who never has to try. At one point she and Madonna were whispering intently about something or someone and smirking. And then later on, after enduring a 2 minute conversation with some blonde botoxed publicist, they both looked at each other and burst into laughter. Classic. One last interesting note about her standing within the Academy – as one journalist in the press room pointed out to me backstage - notice that Gwyneth rarely has to “co-present”? Word is, one year she did it for screenwriting as a last minute change because someone dropped out but for the most part, according to Academy watchers, there are a select few who never have to share the stage. My Gwynnie is one of those. Are you Rossuming? Thanks to Debbie for the tip! PS. A new shot of Gwyneth back at work with Robert Downey Jr on Iron Man…because, as she’s been saying ad nauseum, a true artist can’t stay away too long. Source