UPDATE: Some of you have written to say that baby is NOT Moses. Evidently because of the pink shoes. Regardless - given that it might not be her child - doesn"t that make her expression that much more...entertaining? Regularly scheduled progamming below... When my eTalk producer Laura told me we’d be leaving on Monday, I begged her…I begged her to stay just a little longer, just for Gwynnie, just for my best friend and her baby Moses. But we had live hits for the Oscar nominations, had to be at the studio by 5am Tuesday morning, and despite my efforts and my best offers, I literally put everything on the table except for my dog, she stood resolute – we had to come home. As you can imagine, I was and remain despondent. Especially since my Gwyneth has arrived in glorious fashion at Sundance. Hair as long as ever, as blonde as ever, fresh skin…and I think we have the same boots (pictured but not at Park City) – can’t even tell you how comforting that is. So she’s in town to promote The Good Night, directed by her brother Jake who was also supposed to have taken on Donna Tartt’s The Secret History (creepiest, most engaging book EVER) which is taking a millennium to get off the ground – coincidentally, Jake and I share the same birthday which is actually just one day before Gwyneth’s. Anyway, being the family girl that she is, my Gwynnie, despite being only a supporting player – if that – in the film, is there to cheer on her brother who is apparently taking after Dad and earning some buzz in his own right behind the camera. And of course, because Gwyneth is Gwyneth and Gwyneth is now a married mother and therefore SO over the Hollywood actress thing these days – she dropped in at the Read Across America program, reading from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to a captive audience of Seuss fans privileged enough to be personally entertained by Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean look at my girl throwing her Oscar-winning talent into the occasion and making sure the cameras capture the tender moment shared with Moses – don’t you love the way her snotty superiority still manages to come across even when she’s trying to be “ordinary”? As for recent gossip, my sources say she’s among the few in Madonna’s entourage who’ve been supportive during this adoption ordeal - long conversations on the phone rallying behind her embattled friend and sympathising with her marital woes. According to UK tabloids, poor Madge could be headed for divorce court – will keep you posted. Source