She"s too tired to brush her hair, ok? She has two babies to raise, ok? She doesn"t have time to make sure her clothes are pressed and pulled properly, ok? She"s a mother - don’t you know? Life is so much more than tanning in Malibu and telling everyone who will listen that you"re not engaged. Life for Gwyneth doesn"t include a blow out every other day for that perfect coveted mane. Gwyneth is EXHAUSTED. Can"t you just hear her saying it? Here she is at Madonna"s birthday party the other night, much less polished than usual, looking rumpled and disheveled, certainly not as hideous as some previous Daily Ugly honorees, but pretty much scraping rock bottom by Paltrow standards. And yet it"s almost as though it was deliberate, you know? This is Gwyneth doing what she does best, this is the new Gwyneth being the new Gwyneth, no longer caring for top style points, haughtily rising above those who do, and at the same time, condescendingly and gleefully reminding us that if this is her very worst…well…is it really all that bad?