Why are Gwyneth and Winona no longer friends? You should explain on your site for those who don’t know? Also…did Gwyneth really set up Matt Damon with Winona thus breaking him and Minnie Driver up? 

Dear Nikki: Sorry. My bad. The Hollywood urban legend goes as follows: Gwyneth and Ben were dating and introduced Matt to Winona. They hooked up but well after Matt ditched Minnie. At least that"s what I hear. Anyway, one day, Gwyneth was over at Noni's and saw the script for Shakespeare in Love sitting on the coffee table. Supposedly she swiped it, read it, maneuvered her way into the lead role, and left Winona in her wake. While this is certainly a widely held belief, most insiders I've talked to have brushed this off. And it"s not because I"m defending my best friend. Shakespeare was produced by Miramax and the Weinsteins who were on the Paltrow bandwagon well before with the Pallbearer and with Emma. The role was likely Gwyneth"s all along. 

More interesting however is the Hollywood urban legend about WHY she was so favoured by Miramax in the first place. And according to that scandalous tale, it"s because she had an icky relationship with Harvey that Brad found out about, which is why some say they ended up splitting. Now I know all you Gwyneth haters would love to believe that but the girl is Hollywood royalty - Steven Spielberg"s goddaughter for Hoff's sake. Why she would need to suck c*ck for a part is beyond me. Then again, it is Hollywood. And anything is possible.