The Daily Double Ingrate: Heath & Michelle

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2006 12:00:00 December 1, 2006 12:00:00
They say they’re not getting married, despite numerous reports that they were seen applying for a marriage license in NYC. Whatever. They also hate you, more specifically, Michelle apparently hates her fans, as I mentioned the other day when I wrote about a fansite being shut down, new details have now emerged – thanks to all of you who sent details – about how she went about muzzling her supporters. The site in question was an appreciation site – presumably started from the Dawson Days, almost a prerequisite in our times to signal one’s “arrival”. The site never posted pappy photos or photos of Mathilda, preferring instead to respect the couple’s overt dislike of candid pics, and choosing instead to focus on photos taken on the red carpet, during publicity events promoting THEIR OWN PROJECTS. Fair enough. But obviously not fair for Michelle. Her lawyers bombarded the website with requests to take down the images, to the point where the administrators decided to give up the maintenance, leaving open only the discussion forums where fans could exchange praise about Michelle and her work – to my knowledge, the sentiments were strictly positive, and I’m told anything less than glowing was immediately removed. Unfortunately for the fans, Michelle Williams didn’t even want their love, instructing her people to have the forums terminated immediately, giving 2 days notice and threatening legal action. In other words: don’t talk about me, don’t think about me, don’t appreciate me, don’t support me… Don’t see her movies? That is the message being inferred by her fans. Rightly so I suppose, though you know me…I love snotty ungrateful bitches. Hello Gwyneth Paltrow? But would Gwyneth tell her fans to f&ck off through her laywers? Absolutely not. Gwyneth is too busy being a mom and telling people how busy she is being a mom to bother with such trifle. Which is what’s really amazing about this entire situation in the first place. That Michelle Williams actually spent this much time caring about people caring about her when she really just wanted them to not care at all. Anyway, here’s Heath telling you not to look at him on his skateboard in Brooklyn. Because a purple hat always screams incognito. Source

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