Radiant and healthy, 4 months and counting, and my Gwyneth still has Moses meat all over her. As I said before - starving is too easy, starving is too common, as are obsessive workouts with the trainer along with surgery and tucking. Why? Because my Gwynnie - bless her - is the queen of condescension and there is nothing she"ll enjoy more than losing the weight naturally and painlessly, after which she can, along with an eye roll and a sigh, dismiss the subject without another thought using her practised bitchy drawl: "Oh, you know, I didn"t worry about it too much. Eventually it just comes off for me, you know? Besides, dieting is so common. I"m much too busy composing children"s music for Apple to worry about something as silly as a love handle. Malibu is SUCH a boring town, don"t you think?" And THAT is why I worship Gwyneth Paltrow. Photos from https://randomcelebs.livejournal.com/3782.html