Really want to wash the stank of Mel Gibson off to start the weekend. Why not with some GOOP?

Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted in Paris with her daughter yesterday. She was in town for a Valentino dinner – they’re, like, best friends you know – and is spending a few more days hanging out with her daughter, just she like did with her own father so many years ago. She has famously said on more than one occasion that her late father took her to Paris explaining that, “I wanted you to see Paris for the first time with a man who would always love you, no matter what.”

Speaking of Gwyneth, Sue in PEI sent me the most amazing link yesterday of what’s purported to be Gwyneth’s NY apartment. With photos. Don’t f-cking lie. You want to see. There’s a reason those home improvement decorating shows are so popular. You love that sh-t. And this, this is DELICIOUS.

There’s a swing.

Fashioned out of an Indian door.

Suspended from the ceiling in the sitting room.

And she lives there. PART TIME.

Look at the wallpapered hallway to the bedroom.

I would live there and never leave. Of course you bitches will bitch. That’s what we do. We love to judge. And on matters of taste, the judging is the most entertaining. But since I live in a rental with mismatched cutlery, I would take this no change whatsoever. It’s stunning.

Click here to see. From The Happy Home.

Photos from INFphoto