Gwyneth today at The Prince’s Trust & RBS Celebrate Success Awards in London owning her new hair. Love the messy waves. Love, love, love. Love that it’s not “done”.

In fact, aside from the shoes, the new Gwyneth is the best Gwyneth we’ve seen in a while. Sleek and sophisticated and fresh and ready to get back to work. Iron Man drops in 6 weeks. There will be much more Gwyneth on the way.

But the shoes…

Not sure what she’s saying with the shoes. Keeping in mind that Gwyneth is often a harbinger of new trends – I love her “goth” Oscar now much more than the winning pink and that braid was in 2002 – whether you hate the shoes or not (and I do) this little shoe message was not a simple lapse. This was deliberate... a calculated Gwyneth move – esoteric and challenging, as if it say: no, you don’t have to get it. You’d have to be one of us to get it.

Can you hear her nasal voice? The condescending little lilt when she says “us”?

My girl can be such a f&cking snot, even when she’s putting on shoes.

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