Woah. MANY of you have apparently tried Gwynnie"s skinny diet, ridiculously labelled *extreme* by the London Sun. Many of you apparently also love the Gwynnie skinny diet, swearing by quick and healthy weight loss and detox, though it sounds like it"s easy to fall off the wagon - no alcohol for three weeks? Are you f-cking kidding me??? Regardless - the point is, the headlines from the other day blaring that my best friend has subjected herself to a torturous regimen to whittle down her waist was obviously complete bollocks. Having said that, whatever she"s doing seems to be yielding fast results. Take a look at Gwyneth slim in black yesterday at the Freeze Art Fair, looking lovely and bitchy, just the way I like her. Hear it gossips, hear that uppercrust drawl in between impatient exhales: I am so over this. Snottiness is really so underrated. Oh and speaking of snobbery - have you seen https://youtube.com/results?Chris Martin"s clip on Extras with Ricky Gervais? It"s pretty cute - he"s not a bad actor, non? Photo source