Anna Wintour loves Gwyneth Paltrow. And she doesn’t give a sh-t if Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t sell. She keeps putting my G on the cover year after year. G is Anna’s kind of girl. And G has landed yet another Vogue – August 2010 – but this time Gwyneth is sharing the honour with GOOP. GOOP food is the theme of the photos, of the promotion, and of course of the interview. If you’re into food, you have to read this interview. It’s so much gold.

Gwyneth has written a cookbook scheduled for release next Spring. So they sent a food writer in there with her to try out some of the recipes. Of course he promptly falls in love and gushes all over her. The gushing takes centre stage in the piece – about her appearance, her home, her cooking skills, and even about the fact that...

Gwyneth makes her own stock.

This is making my life.

Gwyneth also has her own “culinary assistant”.

Please. You f-cking love this sh-t. Even if you’re hating it, you’re loving it so much.

The best however is near the end when the journalist realises he has to ask some dishy questions. In his infinite wisdom, he decides to give her 2 weeks advance warning that he’ll be asking her some dishy questions. What happens?

He never sees her again.

THIS. THIS is my Gwyneth.

But goddamn she looks so great in these photos. SO gorgeous. SO fresh. Love that she’s growing out her hair. Love those pyjamas because I think I have the same ones... just a cheaper version, maybe? Would Gwyneth Paltrow actually wear J Crew?

In this issue, my G has never looked more like That Girl. That Girl who made you hate her because she has everything. This is the shoot that shoves it in your face and makes you eat it. And she’s just as beautiful in the video.

Click here to read the article.

PS. Gwyneth says that Love Don’t Let Me Down will open in December. If that’s true, that’s telling. That’s award season timing. I won’t believe it ‘til I see it on the festival circuit. Because if she comes to TIFF... I can’t even finish.