It’s unanimous. Gwyneth’s new cover for the May issue of Vogue, as my husband would say, licks balls. Not even I, a Gwyneth worshipper through and through, can find an ounce of golden goodness in this goose. It’s horrid.

But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you hate it. It doesn’t matter that I hate it. It doesn’t matter that she looks like Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman. It doesn’t matter at all.

What matters is that Anna Wintour didn’t hate it. What matters is that Anna Wintour loves Gwyneth Paltrow. And Anna will always give Gwyneth a cover when Gwyneth asks for a cover. Gwyneth is THAT girl. So suck it.

As for the theme – not only in reference to Iron Man, due out in just under 3 weeks, but also to this year’s theme for the Costume Institute Gala, my favourite red carpet of the year. George Clooney and Julia Roberts are hosting the annual event and this year’s feature is The Super Hero, specifically of course on the costuming.

Anna presides over the gala, it will take place around the same time Iron Man comes out, and needless to say, Gwyneth will likely have to be there…as payback for Anna’s generosity and to pimp the film. My girl desperately needs a hit.