Gwyneth Paltrow made a guest appearance on Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy. A short clip from it is the first video attached below. Her character’s name is Maya Ganesh. She does yoga and meditates and owns a company called Golden Circles. And Lisa/Fiona’s all like, what the f-ck do you need therapy for? Your life is perfect. Get it?

It’s not exactly Bradley Pitts. But G is trying to tell you that she knows the sh-t you say about her. And she wants you to think she’s above it. That she’s above the ugliness and the pettiness and can exist on a more civilised plane.

Which is how she’s handling her divorce. G and Chris Martin took the kids out for dinner the other night, leaving separately. But for some reason, Chris ended up following her car so she pulled off to the side to talk for a minute and at the end of their brief discussion, reached her hand out to touch his face…or the back of his neck, an affectionate gesture that would imply that the two are still very close. Maybe she was just brushing off a piece of lint. 

My favourite of these three is what Tracy Anderson posted to Instagram yesterday. And I’ve watched it, with admittedly a lot of envy, at least 7 or 8 times now. It’s G working out, looking really fit and cute. Currently I am eating cheese.