Gwyneth Paltrow is busy promoting her new cookbook It’s All Easy. I’ve been flipping through it all day because a copy was sent to our building. She’s gorgeous in all the photos. And Apple and Moses appear on several pages. Don’t ask me about the recipes. To me this a picture book. Check her out today in New York. God, this outfit. The white coat, the pink and red clash, it’s SO good.

As you know, AS YOU KNOW, G has a lot of opinions about food and beauty and life. She’s a lifestyle expert now. And since she wants you to buy her beauty and skincare line and try her recipes, she’s coming to you, she’s engaging you, she’s talking to you… on Goop. Last week they invited regular people to Ask G anything and those responses have now been posted along with an introduction. In the introduction we learn that G has an “aversion” to dill.


I love dill. I love dill SO much. And I love Gwyneth. And now I’m crushed, because this dill situation is driving a wedge between us. Like now in my fantasies of her cooking for me does it mean I won’t be tasting any dill?

The rest of the interview is pretty standard G-chat. She throws in some sarcasm now and again ($200 smoothies) but most of it isn’t all that newsworthy. Maybe that’s because recipes and cooking tips aren’t newsworthy to me. Click here to read it. As noted by the editors at Goop though, this is a big time for G and Co. It’s All Easy is the goop imprint’s first publication. And it’s coming just on the heels of her launching her skincare collaboration with Juice Beauty. The reviews I’ve read have been pretty positive. Click here, and here, and here, and here for examples. It is expensive though. 

Here then is where I take the opportunity to tell you about my skin magician, Lorinda Zimmerman of W Skin Care. I just went to see her this week for my quarterly micro-cold gel laser treatment. And, well, at the risk of sounding like a f-cking asshole, although I am, people compliment my skin all the time. Also, I’ve now completely eliminated foundation for television and use only concealer under the eyes and powder.

Lorinda’s been using the cold gel laser on her clients for years. And people in LA have only just started figuring it out. Kanye West’s wife was just talking about laser treatments she was doing on her neck recently. But you know who else goes to see her?

Only the Assistant Trainer and Athletic Therapist for the TORONTO RAPTORS. His name is Rory Mullin. He came out of her office right before I went in. And the reason he sees her is because he’s been using the laser therapy on his athletes to treat their injuries and promote healing, so he understands the value of it on your face – how that can make a difference in your body’s natural collagen production and quicker recovery. Also…waaaaayyyyy less expensive than buying Gwyneth. I spend $250 on one visit every 3 months. Click here for more information.