I like it so much better when Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t bother with her hair. It looks so good when it’s wavy and kinky. Her daughter Apple has her hair. It’s the same bend. Mine has to be worked on for hours to have this bend.

G and Apple went shopping yesterday at Maxfield. I want that blue sparkly jacket. Why am I surprised that she carries such a loud wallet?

I suppose the Martin family is in LA now waiting for dad to make his way down the West Coast with his band. They play two shows in Vancouver tonight and tomorrow before heading south. Which is why the Vancouver Canucks can’t resume their series against the Kings until Sunday. They keep talking about it on the sport radio station here - blame Coldplay for the delay!

I didn’t want to talk about Gwyneth in The Avengers but since every other outlet has already spoiled it - yes, she’s in The Avengers. When you go on a junket, they give you production notes to read before the screening. It’s a thick document with all the details about filmmaking, the cast, the crew, the technical side of filming. Last week, as I was doing my homework before my interviews, I was flipping through the pages and stopped at Gwyneth’s part, made possible only by the intervention of her good friend Robert Downey Jr who insisted that Joss Whedon write something for her, as Pepper Potts, into the script. Because she’s so essential to the Tony Stark character. There’s another example of how well liked she is in the celebrity community.

I love Gwyneth as Pepper, mostly because I love their chemistry. The scene is pretty cute. Note too when you see it what she’s wearing. Very un-Pepper and totally California Gwyneth, like they put it in with such little time they didn’t even bother getting her wardrobe.