They held hands backstage while greeting Seth Rogen. Then, after G changed, they went out to their seats and watched the rest of the show together. What? But who else is good enough to offer support and bff-ness to Gwyneth Paltrow but Beyonce? You don’t get more royal, musically, than Beyonce. You know, my G doesn’t roll with just anyone.

Sometimes I feel like she’s freakishly tall.

And what of her performance? Look, I thought it was good. I thought she didn’t embarrass herself. More importantly though, I thought it was really, really fun. Those puppets, and the energy, it was super cute, really adorable, really lifted the show. Have I changed my mind about her saying yes? Of course not. But does that automatically mean she sucked? She did not suck.


The way she looked in that catsuit was sick. That’s the advantage of small breasts, right? I really want some. And the pink feather earrings too. As for the shoes you all keep asking about – they’re Christian Louboutin Colourblock Booties. Gorgeous, but positively inhumane.

By the way, on Gwyneth, those whispers are starting up again. They say she and Chris don’t see much of each other. That she’s loaded up her schedule, deliberately, because she’s so unhappy. It’s not slamdunk, they’re just whispers for now, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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