As you know, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce are tight. They hang out. More than we know. Gwyneth loves that we know. So she can let us know why she doesn’t give a sh-t that people hate her. Because Jay-Z and Beysus don’t. And she helps Jakey Gyllenhaal out with his love life too. So of course GOOPy’s NYE plans are better than yours. Was there any doubt?

According to Page Six, G and B will be in Vegas because Chris and Jay are playing at the opening of the Cosmopolitan, each earning a million dollars to celebrate the hotel’s debut. There’s a rumour that Gwyneth will even get up on stage to perform alongside her husband.


That would make my life.

You hungover bitches would be online at 8am the next morning on New Year’s Day tweaking for commentary about this.

Given their policy though not to engage publicly, this seems doubtful. G with Jay however might be a possibility. After all, she was onstage with him at Royal Albert Hall remember? For Song Cry? Oh my God, the way she wailed in that video. F-ck. It’s been pulled down everywhere. If you can find it, let me know.

Here are G and B at the Oscars in 2007 laughing at you because you are not them.

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