Kate Hudson’s joint “hot mess”-themed birthday party with Jennifer Meyer was this weekend. She broadcast most of it on social media so you don’t feel like you missed out. Anyway, most of her famous friends were there including Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow and she came with her boyfriend, Brad Falchuk who, according to US Weekly, showed up dressed like a construction worker and gave her lap dances, Magic Mike styles, I guess?

It’s next-level Conscious Uncoupling. That not only is their divorce so amicable they forgot to sign the papers and live across the street from each other but Chris can be present while another man rubs his ass on his ex-wife’s crotch.

There’s another angle on Chris too that I’m getting to in the next post. He was surrounded by former dealings.

As for Gwyneth? Well right now she’s in a great groove. All her relationships are thriving. Her book is thriving. She’s got other showrunners promoting it too. And she’s getting good light


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