My inbox has been steady today with Canadians messaging me about Gwyneth Paltrow because she Instagrammed that she’s in Fogo:


Dinner spot #heaven #newfoundland #fogo

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Can we call this a Canadian tour? Because she’s expected to be in Toronto on Thursday at Holt Renfrew for a personal appearance to promote her beauty line. By the way, G is not alone in Newfoundland. Brad Falchuk is with her. Here’s what he Instagrammed a couple of hours ago:


Martinis made with iceberg ice. #fogoisland #happy

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He didn’t tag her but, obviously. And quite obviously he would have had to clear it with her first. I want to know how those conversations work. How they came to decide that she would post the generic shot and he would be the one to post the shot of them together. And why.