Gwyneth Paltrow was in Europe for the last few days. Brad Falchuk went with her. Click here for a refresher if you missed her at Chanel in Paris. During the trip, they also caught up with G’s long-time friend Valentino and posed for a group shot together that was posted on Instagram.

So, basically, Falchuk’s been folded into her circle now. In LA and in Europe, with those who’ve known her for far longer than both he and Chris Martin have. Not that Chris wouldn’t have met them. Of course he would have met them. But didn’t it always seem like whenever she spent time on Valentino’s yacht, when Apple was a baby, or stayed at Valentino’s villa for holiday, or all those European royalty friends of hers, that Chris skipped out on those times? And that when there was a group hang it would always be with his musician friends – and she’d sing along and fit right in too.

I hear often about people who divorce and what they end up wanting from their next relationship is to do with their new partners what their former partners wouldn’t with them. Do you get the sense, from this gossip distance, that this is what’s happening with G and Falchuk?

Attached – G arriving back at LAX with Falchuk yesterday.