After hanging out in London last week with Prince Philip who, obviously, was rather taken with Gwyneth Paltrow, G flew to New York the other day with Cameron Diaz. Wonder if Cameron Diaz will be featured in an upcoming issue of GOOP. Perhaps under the “Be” section. How to stop dating douchebags.

Alex Rodriguez did not show up in the post season for the Yankees, did he? I mean no, Joe Girardi did not manage well, but for all that money and all that hype - doesn’t he get paid the most out of anyone? - ARod’s playoff performance was record-setting SH-T: the first player EVER to strike out as the final out on the same team two years in a row in the playoffs. Loser. (Source)

If Cam is anywhere near as petty as I am, she would have been celebrating last Thursday. And now ARod is wondering how he ever let Kate Hudson go.

As for Gwyneth, she was presumably headed for NYC to do some work on Thanks For Sharing with Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Joely Richardson, and... Pink! You know what that means: Pink and GOOP, the duet. Pink is a mom now. Gwyneth is the most knowledgeable mom ever in the world.