Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin went out for Halloween last night in London. They too stopped by Jonathan Ross’s. G’s the one in the demented skull mask and Chris is supposedly wearing the pink hair. I’m not entirely convinced it’s him but that’s what the photo agency says.

And there’s a new GOOP collaboration!

This is by far, by far, by far my favourite. Because it’s a paper product!

GOOP and Sugar Paper have released a limited edition set of holiday cards and wrap. It’s not cheap, no. But when is it ever? The wrapping and gift tag set goes for $52 and includes 4 tubes of double-sided wrap and 18 gift tags.

Too much?

It depends on how much you love wrapping.

I LOVE wrapping.

I don’t wrap a lot. I’m too lazy. But when I do wrap...


You don’t even know. I know. I wrap. Wrapping is one of my few mega skills. I can’t do much. But I can wrap. I can ribbon. I can make my own ribbons. Last year I went home to Toronto for Christmas and I wrapped for Duana and Lorella. They can tell you about my wrapping and, in particular, my ribbon work. It’s Olympic gold. And I don’t like working with sh-t. I don’t like working with that flimsy bullsh-t paper that tears easily. My paper has to be first class. Nice and thick so that you have to use two hands to make a fold. 

But it’s not just wrapping paper. It’s stationery. I have monogrammed pyjamas and I also have my own notecards and special thank you cards, including a brand new set that I bought at this beautiful store in Portland called Oblation that I spent an hour in in September.

Some people spend money on great cheeses. Or plates. Or wines. Or cufflinks. Or bedding. Or Apple products. Or plates. None of the plates in my house match. Very low classy. I spend money on paper. And while I don’t know if I’ll be spending my money on GOOP paper, since it might be too popular, I do like it a lot. Am I dumb?

One more thing about wrapping -- Lorella’s wrapping collection is impressive and her wrapping strategy is brilliant. She has two boys. And every year at Christmas, she uses the exact same paper to wrap her kids’ presents. Because...Santa is consistent. Isn’t that the loveliest, sweetest touch?

Click here for the GOOP + Sugar Paper collaboration.