It seems like these two are never not together. Gwyneth Paltrow presented. Chris Martin performed. And you can see him I think in the background of one of these shots of her.

G, obviously, was there for her “beautiful friend” Beyonce. That’s no accident either. While there were complaints about her presence to introduce B’s performance, you have to know that she would have only been invited on the approval and probable recommendation of Beysus herself. It might be the only friendship in Gwyneth’s life where she’s not the leader, where she’s plus one, the follower, the Tai to B’s Cher. (I’ll be disappointed in you if you don’t know that reference.)

Is that why she wore this dress? To be like B? B’s third dress of the night was a short, black, sparkly thing, very similar to G’s, but way cuter. On Gwyneth, this red Saint Laurent is cheap, like plus one cheap. She’s a nominee’s date in this dress. She’s the groupie who met a rock star and is hanging on as hard as she can in this dress. And while I ordinarily like her hair lank, with a bend, this time it’s not working. 

Even worse?

So far, there are no pictures of her and B together.